The Company

Baldini Arredamenti's story began in the last century.

A passion for the smell of wood, the many sacrifices endured along the arduous path of the artisan craftsman, and the desire to build beautiful things have helped to guide the company's four successive generations, each proving itself capable and tenacious in carrying on this strong family business.

The company itself blossomed from a small artisan workshop in the heart of Arezzo, where wood was transformed into custom furniture, and where furniture restoration services were also provided.

It was their passion that fueled an extreme attention to detail with respect to each and every object built, eventually leading the company to transfer its headquarters to Civitella in Val di Chiana in 1982, a more suburban area as compared to the city. The move brought with it a significant increase in employees and machinery.

Luca, the current owner, together with his relatives and a team of talented collaborators, dedicates all of his attention to the creation of high-quality, custom-built furniture in both traditional and modern styles, satisfying the desires of clients seeking exclusively unique solutions..

Professionalism and dedication are the two values shared by everyone working within the company. Skilled craftsmen make use of the most innovative machinery, collaborating with one another to achieve the company's objective of providing avant-garde and impressive interior design solutions.

Our mission is to create striking and functional interior environments that fully satisfy our clients' needs.